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New Year, New Me! Except...Hell Camille Richard

No diet this year. No resolution. No rules. No guilt. No getting ‘back on track’.

2019 will be about self-love. It will be about dreaming wild. It will be about achieving goals one step at a time, about creating a lifestyle that makes you feel good, about protecting your space. It will be about finding your purpose and living out your passion.

See, I don't buy into the whole bullshit of marketing. Remember, they are only trying to make money off your insecurities. I won't be buying a new gym membership, I won't be changing my look, I won't be going out to party more.

No, I will do exactly what I did last year. I will survive, I will thrive, I will love.
You just have to keep going one foot after the other. Appreciate the hard parts, cry if you need to. Be grateful for what do you have. Avoid comparisons, avoid negative self-talk. Stop saying should and shouldn’t. Stop saying you messed up and you failed. You didn’t, you tried and you learned.

Start each day like a fre…

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