Working with Hopewell by Marisa Murray

I am working towards completing a master’s degree in experimental psychology at Carleton University. My research interests include the development of positive body image and the prevention of eating disorders in individuals of all ages. Throughout my post-secondary education I have been involved in the development and implementation of positive body image programs, participated in research projects focused on body image and eating disorders, and presented my research at national and international conferences.

Beginning in Spring 2010, I had the privilege of completing a community-based practicum at Hopewell, which proved to be instrumental in further developing my interest in body image and the prevention of eating disorders. The staff at Hopewell welcomed me as part of their team and supported me in my placement tasks. Hopewell was an ideal setting to complete my practicum in that I was able to apply the knowledge and skills I have acquired through my education to helping people confront problems and challenges associated with eating disorders and body image. I was provided the opportunity to co-facilitate a weekly self-help group, assist with a positive self-esteem summer camp for young girls, represent Hopewell at community events, and conduct research in the area of positive body image development.

I believe strongly in Hopewell’s commitment to helping individuals, and families of individuals, who struggle with eating disorders. Hopewell employs creativity and knowledge towards making positive changes in people’s lives. I cannot adequately express my appreciation to the staff at Hopewell for the generosity they showed towards me, sharing their knowledge and their time, putting me at ease and making me a part of their team. I would feel very fortunate if, at some future time, there is an opportunity for me to be involved in a research project at Hopewell.


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