"Body Image" by Kimberley Sullivan, 99.7 EzRock Radio Host

Growing up, we all had issues with body image... At 14, I was already 5'10'' -- a tall ostrich, as some liked calling me... I hated being tall. That all changed when I was approached to model, but another reality came to be. That of the gentle tap-on-the-hip while being paid for a gig with the oh-so-subtle "careful dear"... I already knew that I was the "fattest" of the models, I didn't need a tap on my budding hips to remind me!

I am one of the lucky ones though that never got caught up in the whole thing and I think it is because I was subconsciously watching one of good friends battle bulimia for the exact same reasons... watching her made me mad and wanting to fight with the "system". Public speaking contests were my forte and through that, I tackled the idea of body image, challenged the beauty of Barbie and fought against the then popular Kate Moss skinny cocaine chic trends. I accused magazine editors and designers of sculpting the woman body into something unrealistically thin and hence causing eating disorders... I was pretty passionate about the topic!

That particular topic won me the local title, regional title and a 4th place finish in the provincial public speaking contest -- the highest my high achieving private school had ever placed. The judges approached me to see if communications or law were something I was interested in studying, a local hospital asked me to speak with some young girls affected by eating disorders and I remember thinking how powerful I felt raising my voice for such a topic.

After a failed attempt at entering Med school (I wanted to be a psychiatrist for children with eating disorders) and a short stint at teaching deaf kids, I ended up listening to those judges who years before told be to pursue broadcasting. They knew what they were talking about! I absolutely love my job -- one that allows me to raise awareness on certain topics I hold dear to heart and help out in my community.

That's how Hopewell & I connected. A Facebook posting about the "Love your Life" Gala made me discover that such a centre existed right here in Ottawa and I knew I HAD TO interview them
Check out the interview ... http://www.ezrock.com/Channels/Kimskorner/story.aspx?ID=1341143

That interview lead to me being ask to host the Gala and the rest is history! I hope to be involved with Hopewell for years to come!

The scary thing about eating disorders is the denial that comes with it... the fact that it is associated and can be mistaken for dieting and exercising -- 2 things our society highly values and sells. 1 in 5 people diagnosed with anorexia will die from it. Parents and friends have to learn to speak up if they suspect someone has the disease. It's a scary world that of eating disorders. I am happy to say that my old high school friend survived and is doing well. I want more outcomes like that...

Thanks Hopewell for a great job.