Our Entrepreneurial Project and Hopewell by Kailee and Emily from Castlefrank Elementary School Kanata

We were so excited when we found out that our class was doing the Entrepreneurial project. This is a project where we get to do some of our learning by setting up a business for a cause. The project is part of The Learning Partnership, an organization that helps teachers and classes in public schools learn through business and real world experiences. We are buddied up with a business partner and together with our teacher and business partner we decided to host a charitable event, a fashion show, which we named “Beauty Is...”. The focus of our event is positive body image. We know that that it's a growing problem today and we want to make a difference! Young girls and boys as young as 9 years old are developing eating disorders, our goal is to put a stop to it.

 The charity we chose to support with all the money we raise from our fashion show is Hopewell. Everyone had different opinions about which charity they wanted to donate to. The reason we chose Hopewell was because it is a local charity and its values really spoke to us.

In order to put on our fashion we needed clothes and sponsors. A few of our classmates, including us, went to Bayshore Shopping Center and asked stores to sponsor. We got very good feedback from the managers and hope they donate lots of clothes!  Our big day is April 14, 2011 at 6:30 pm at our school, Castlefrank E.S. If you want more information or would like to donate clothing or sponsor our event just give the school a call.