“Pieces of 8” by Aimee Britten

“Pieces of 8” is an Art and Photo Show/Sale of my works, and is currently exhibiting in the HeArtwood House Gallery. This is the last week to enjoy my “Pieces of Eight” Exhibition. I used different styles to express subjects, moods and abstracts. There are 49 separate works, each with different appeals... all different pieces of 8/life! Some of the paintings are seen in the photo above.

It has been a real thrill to meet everyone who came to the Vernissage on August 16th at HeARTwood House, and also to know that others have dropped in to see the show in the Gallery at different times throughout the month. I have been greatly encouraged and inspired by everyone's wonderful, supportive responses.

If you have a few minutes to drop by, please do so. There is free parking either on the street or behind the building. When you visit, please sign the guest book with your thoughts and suggestions. I invite and welcome all feedback.

Proceeds from all sales support the wonderful works of non-profits, including Hopewell.

Aimee (Feron) Britten is a local Ottawa artist and photographer.  She is also a dedicated Hopewell volunteer.  Aimee’s works are still available after her exhibit ends.  Convenient payment plans are an option.  Proceeds from sales of “Pieces of 8” works continue to go to Hopewell and other charities.  Aimee can be reached by telephone at 613-238-7282, or by e-mail at delightfulfancie@netscape.net.