Hopewell Valentine's Gala and volunteering by Candice Bazinet, Gala committee co-chair

Five years!
I cannot believe that we are on the cusp of hosting the 5th Annual Hopewell “Love Your Life” Valentine’s Day Gala this February 9th, 2013!
(Have you bought your tickets to the year’s first big event?  You should right now - The early bird deadline for tickets is this Friday, January 11th.)
I have had the privilege of being on the Gala’s volunteer organizing committee multiple times over the last 5 years.  
The first iteration of the gala included an amazing fete in support of Hopewell.  A fantastic venue  - and partner – was found in the Hilton Garden Inn, the dancing didn't stop until the lights came on - thanks to the amazing Showtime Party Band,- and a slew of exciting raffle prizes and silent auction items were quickly snapped up by attendees.  The inaugural event was a great success!

With these elements still in place, the Gala experience keeps getting better – giving the attendees an annual great-time guarantee!  It has been supported by local celebrities, such as Kim Sullivan, our event emcee and radio personality at Boom 99.7our event partner, includes a new wine tasting every year thanks to Pelee Island Winery, and onsite portrait photography.

This year, you can expect all of the above as well as be welcomed by our first ever honorary Gala co-chairs: Charles Bordeleau, Chief of Police, Ottawa Police Service and Nat Kahalé, Community Producer & Host of Nat en Parle! TV Rogers. 

This Saturday, February 9th promises to be spectacular!
It has been awesome to watch the Gala grow into a turnkey event and continue to raise well-deserved funds for Hopewell. But, it has been just as amazing to be part of the magic that goes into pulling it all off!
So.. now, that you’ve bought your Gala tickets, I will make my second pitch:  When considering a volunteer experience,  get one with Hopewell.   

My experience with the Hopewell "Love Your Life" Valentine's Day Gala volunteer organizing committee has been fantastic and I know that the many other opportunities that Hopewell offers are equally great!

Using our Gala volunteer committee as an example, it alone diverse, flexible, hands-on experience and learning.   The committee has comprised of some of the most dynamic people.  From experienced event managers to first-time organizers, from entrepreneurs and consultants to public servants and private sector professionals, there's opportunity to connect and work with (and learn from) some amazing people.  Event and project management, team and people management, budgeting, marketing and sales, partnership development, communications, logistics and creativity.  These are just a few of the skills you can acquire or put to use within a team environment that is dynamic, supportive and flexible. 

What an amazing way to hone your professional skills while helping a great organization make a real difference in our region!   Whether it be the Gala committee or one of Hopewell’s many other volunteer opportunities, there are great experiences to be had and great things to be achieved.

So as you are considering how to get involved in the community this 2013, consider volunteering with Hopewell. And… to learn more, why not come out to the Hopewell “Love Your Life” Valentine’s Day Gala and get to know us!