A Night in Nashville

by Annette Quinet

Having been involved in the fashion industry for many years, I understand the importance of image, and how our image of ourselves is influenced by what we see on magazines and on TV. and want to ensure that I, my daughters, friends and clients all have positive images of themselves. But while the media plays a role in our lives, “it” does not define what is acceptable and what is not…. there is a place for all of us regardless of our shape and size.

As a female, a mother, a daughter and a friend, I want to ensure that I, my daughters, friends and clients all have positive images of ourselves—something that’s not always easy to achieve. That’s where Hopewell comes in. Hopewell embraces positive body values while offering support to individuals struggling with severe eating disorders and their loved ones.

A Night in Nashville for Hopewell was a new approach to raising the funds Hopewell needs to continue to offer these valuable services to our community. We tried out a new venue with stunning decor, enjoyed a live band and engaged a new media sponsor. We still kept some of the familiar events past supporters have enjoyed, including our fabulous silent auction, our raffle, and our amazing thank you gift from long-time Hopewell supporter, Pat Flesher Furs. This mix of old and new helped us secure a significant amount of corporate sponsorship and encouraged a mixed demographic of attendees. We were so thrilled that our event sold out and that we raised over $73k for Hopewell!

It was my pleasure to co-chair this event with Cindy Harrison. We could not have had such success if not for our “dream team” helping and supporting us. Our thanks go out to all of our committee members along with a special thanks to Terri Hoddinott and Lina Hunt for their invaluable input, support and participation as committee members, past chairs and organizers. We would also be remiss if we did not acknowledge the unwavering support from Kathleen Cummings, Hopewell’s executive director.

Until next year!