Hopewell Voices podcasts

Last month for  Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) we produced daily podcasts through the week and we think the topics and people involved are important enough to share again in this months blog! Check out some literal Hopewell Voices:

Considering Gender and Eating Disorders: you'll hear from Benoit who speaks about his experience with an eating disorder involved with Hopewell.

Voices of Youth: Social Media & Body Image: hear it straight from youth themselves! Some very insightful member's of Youthnet's Youth Advisory Committee discuss the concerns they have.

Getting the scoop on support groups: ever wondered about what it is like to contact Hopewell the first time, or attend a group? You'll hear Courtney talk about her experience going through this process.

Fostering Hope in Recovery: Dr. Mayman, from Anchor Psychological Services speaks from her role working with individuals and families, and Kathy Smart speaks from her personal experience recovering from an eating disorder.

Myths and Questions: finally we tried to speak to some of the other questions and thoughts that came up during the week of EDAW, and that come regularly for us here at Hopewell.